Children's Early Intervention Trust
About CEIT

About CEIT

Our Aims and Objectives

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The Children’s Early Intervention Trust (CEIT) is a registered charity (charity no: 1120056), and a company limited by guarantee (company no: 5907566), set up in 2007, it is managed by a trustee board. Annual charity reports are available online on the Charity Commission website.

The aims of the charity are the dissemination of information for policy makers and service providers and the advancement of education for programme leaders, families, schools and other social groups in evidence-based intervention programmes, that prevent or reduce violence and develop children’s social and emotional competence. 

CEIT furthers this aim by:

  • funding the development and evaluation of interventions to promote children’s well-being
  • funding postgraduate and early career researchers
  • upskilling practice and service staff via Early Intervention Wales Training Ltd.
  • disseminating information to policy makers, professionals and the general public about evidence-based interventions for families, schools and other social groups to prevent and reduce violence and to develop children’s social and emotional competence


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    The Charity has a trading subsidiary Early Intervention Wales Training (company no 5236117), that delivers training and sells resources to fund the Charities work. The manager is Professor Judy Hutchings along with a small administrative team

    Charity income is raised from the trading activities of Early Intervention Wales Training, through the provision of training programmes and sale of resources. These training programmes are priced to make them affordable and are subsidised when possible. 

    Income is also generated through donations, legacies and grant applications and the Charity has been successful in obtaining considerable grant funding. If you would like to donate to CEIT, please contact us.

    We Fund

    In order to fulfil our aims, CEIT also funds certain activities.

    • Academic research on early years interventions, particularly to support early career researchers.
    • Activities that serve to disseminate evidence-based interventions, such as through newsletters and conferences