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KiVa – Training for Schools

KiVa – Training for Schools

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KiVa is a whole school programme, delivered during a full school year, designed to be a permanent part of the schools antibullying work.

It is delivered in three units..

  • unit 1 is for children aged 6-9 years,
  • unit 2 for children aged 10-12 years
  • unit 3 for children aged 13-16 years.

Typically, primary schools will deliver units 1 and 2, whilst secondary schools can deliver units 2 and 3.

The pupils and school staff of each KiVa school completes an anonymous annual survey, both before starting the programme and each successive year, to enable each school to monitor progress and change as a KiVa school.

New KiVa Schools

New KiVa schools will need to train a minimum of two staff members in the programme and they will form the KiVa team, supporting and training teachers delivering the programme using the KiVa universal actions and dealing with reports of bulling, using the KiVa indicated actions and strategies.

Each school class delivering the programme over the year, will need;

  • a trained teacher
  • a manual with resources
  • posters and vest classroom pack
  • and all pupils will need to be registered.

Schools will need to register all pupils in years 3-6 (key stage 2) with the programme administration centre. The initial registration fee includes school and pupil set up to access the online materials, annual survey and KiVa games.

Continuing as a KiVa school

Schools need to maintain their pupil registration for all pupils in years 3-6 (key stage 2) giving access to online resources, including the KiVa games (which can be accessed at home or in school) and to the annual survey, Registration permits the use of the KiVa logo and to be able to call themselves a KiVa school.

Continuing schools can send additional members of staff on KiVa training as and when required.

Timeline for Training and Programme Delivery

Each KiVa programme delivery cycle, from survey to survey takes twelve months, however for new schools undertaking staff training, the first cycle will take around 16-19 months.

January to MayAt least two teachers per school attend a KiVa training programme.
 May to JulyTrained teachers undertake introductory training to all school staff
JulyAll pupils and staff undertake the online survey
SeptemberSchools receive their online survey report
SeptemberIntroductory assemblies for pupils and KiVa launch meetings for parents
September – JuneKiVa programme lessons are delivered to KS2 pupils
JulyAll pupils and staff undertake the online survey 
SeptemberSchools receive online survey report

KiVa Programme Costs

Costs are valid for 2023-2024 and will be reviewed and updated annually.

New KiVa schools

KiVa training coursefor two staff members£500.00 (plus VAT)
KiVa class pack (includes a manual, vest and 2 x posters)1 required per KS2 class£70.00
Registration (minimum charge £150.00)per KS2 pupil£2.50 (plus VAT)
Prices do not include postage.

    Continuing KiVa schools

    KiVa training coursefor two staff members£350.00 (plus VAT)
    KiVa training coursefor one staff£200.00 (plus VAT)
    Registration (minimum charge £150.00)per KS2 pupil£2.00 (plus VAT)
    Prices do not include postage

    Additional resources for KiVa schools

    KiVa manual (unit 1, 2 or 3)£60.00
    Vest and posters pack£12.00
    KiVa rules posters (4 posters)£10.00
    KiVa posters (4 posters)£10.00
    KiVa vests (each, in S, M, L, XL)£10.00
    KiVa rule cards (A4 pack of 100 cards)£15.00
    Prices do not include postage

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