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Enhancing Parenting Skills – EPaS

Enhancing Parenting Skills – EPaS

A one-to-one specialist parenting programme for parents of children aged 2-9 years

EPaS is a targeted parenting intervention that can be delivered one to one at home or in a clinic, to parents of children aged 2-9 years. 

It allows for an individualised approach in supporting parents who find child behaviours particularly difficult to manage. It supports parents as agents for promoting positive change in their children, by engaging them in the problem-solving process that empowers them to meet achievable goals.

Most of the evidence comes from trials with health visitors, but it has also been delivered by CAMHS primary care staff and early years parenting practitioners. It was developed in the late 1990’s as an intensive treatment programme for CAMHS referred children aged 6-10 years with severe behavioural problems. It has been modified over the years and has evolved into a programme delivered in one-to-one weekly sessions. For more information see our EPaS booklet.

Frequently asked questions about the programme

Who is EPaS for?

EPaS is a one-to-one home or clinic based intervention to support parents or caregivers of children aged between 2-9 years.

How is the EPaS programme delivered?

The programme is typically delivered within 12 or fewer sessions. It is delivered in three parts;

an initial assessment phase where information is gathered over a three week period using standard paper based measures and recording,

Phase 2, case analysis development based on the gathered information and identifying socially acceptable replacement behaviours. This is then discussed with parents / caregivers during a contracting / goal forming session.

Phase 3, the parent is coached and supported weekly over up to 8 sessions, to implement the intervention and achieve their defined goals.

Who can train to deliver this programme?

This programme is suitable for clinicians or early years practitioners with extensive understanding of behavioural theory, parenting support and access to clinical supervision.

What does the practitioner training involve?

Practitioner training is delivered on three days, typically over three months. It is necessary for the trainee practitioner to have an existing caseload with which they can use the intervention. The practitioner will be coached in developing and implementing the programme as they work with appropriate individuals.

What support and resources are available?

Ongoing clinical supervision is necessary for trainees.

The EPaS manual is included as part of the programme.

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