KiVa pupil and staff online survey
KiVa pupil and staff online survey

KiVa pupil and staff online survey

The annual KiVa surveys are vital to documenting where your school is at in its KiVa anti-bullying journey. The year on year results provide reference points and evidence for your strengths and identify areas for development.

The Survey is taken annually in June and results are available in September.

To get the most out of the survey, it is important to be prepared and there are guidelines to help you with:

  • The Pupil Survey
  • The Staff Survey
  • Interpreting the results of your survey

The pupil survey

The KiVa pupil survey is taken in June each year. It is taken by ALL pupils in years 3-6 (primary schools) and years 7-9 (secondary schools).

The survey takes about 10-20 minutes for pupils to complete and a teacher (or adult) needs to be present for the duration of the survey to read out questions and instruct pupils.

Full details of how to administer the survey to pupils is available here Pupil survey instructions_2022_UK

The staff survey

The staff survey looks at programme delivery, the KiVa team actions and coordination of the programme, in your school. It is taken by ALL staff who have been delivering KiVa lessons / themes during the school year.

Full details of how to take the staff survey are available here KiVa-staff-survey-instructions-for-teachers-uk

Pupil online survey results

Your school pupil survey results will be available online annually at the end of September. To access your school results you will need use the following link and be a KiVa coordinator or school head: KiVa intranet survey results then follow these instructions:

  • Please click on your preferred language. 
  • Log in using your school ID and Teacher Password. 
  • Once you have signed in click “reports” on the left side. 
  • You will then be able to see your school results.

Full details of how to access and interpret the results are available here KiVa_Student Survey Feedback 2018-eng

If you have any difficulties in viewing your results or have queries regarding the interpretation of the results, please contact the KiVa UK hub, who will be more than willing to help you.

Please note that all data collected via the online survey is owned by KiVa Finland and KiVa UK.  The data may be used anonymously for research purposes. If your school would like to withdraw their data from any research please contact KiVa UK.